When will 6G come in India?

If you are curious about technology you will know that there is time to come 6G in market. But if we talk about India`s perspective about 6G , we can say that we already are quite behind the race from developed countries in the world as we lost many time figuring out 4 G and 5G. So our Govt. does not want same for the 6G also. So India want to prepare for the 6G from now. Already our telecom secretary told govt research body to start to work on in these technologies.

Telecom sector of India are presently working on the trails of the 5G. It is already quite delayed compared to other countries due to some official reasons. 5G may launch commercially next year. But for the 6G preparation is already started.

Our Telecom secretary K Rajaraman went to centre for development for telematics and asked the state run telecom research and organisation to start developing 6G and other futuristic technologies. It is happening because govt does not want to behind in the race of future technologies.

As per we know already companies like Samsung, LG, Huawei and other companies have started working on this 6G technology. It is expected that this 6G will be 50 times faster than the 5 G and will commercially launched in between 2028-2030. 

Global Giant China already launched a satellite on the 6G technology. It used high frequency terahertz waves to achieve data transmission speeds many times faster than 5G. But all details is not yet revealed by China till now.

In theory, 5G can give highest 20 Gb per second speed. In India, Vodafone reported highest speed in the trail phase. That was approx. 3.7 Gb per second. The other two telecom giants also performed this trail up to 3 Gb second.

6G being the sixth generation wireless technology it follows up 4g,5g, building on the revamped infrastructure and advanced capacity. It is established on milimeter-wave 5G networks. As it is work on higher frequency radio bands it will naturally give much faster speeds and lower latency. This 6G technology will also support sophisticated mobile devices and systems like automatic cars.

In theory , 6G can give upto 1000 Gb per second internet speed of downloading. LG already started their trails in Germany. One special feature of 6 G is that it can transmit data upto 100 meters. It can help to solve many societal problems in India as per media reported. 

It will help to achieve our goal of to sustainability in 2050 of India. For this India is tieing up with the Russian development called Promobot v.4 to teach about service robotics. This two country will work together to create new technologies.

 Recently govt inaugurated Quantum Key Distribution Solution so that govt can transfer 5G or 6G data very efficiently. So in conclusion we can say that maybe there is time to come newer technologies like 6g but this time India may not be in backward position as India is already giving its highest focus in such technologies.

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