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Understand the concept and business model of ‘Buy now Pay later” in Ecommerce Sector

Most of you are familiar with the concept of credit cards. But these cards are not accessible to the most of the people of our country. Thus they could not enjoy the benefits of the credit card. But nowadays various e commerce platforms like Amazon, Paytm introduced a new concept of Buy Now Pay Later option for their customers.


In this article we will try to clear the concept of the model. We will explain how this model will generate more income to those companies. After discussing the goods and bad sides of this model We will also discuss if you should opt for this option or not in the end of the video.

How it Works

Let us understand first how the buy now pay later (BNPL) option works. We can purchase anything in the e commerce site at any time without immediate payment. After buying you can payback it after a month or even in EMI option. In case of EMI, there are sometimes charge include in it and sometime it is without any charges.

Using this method people tend to think they can afford the things which are not even adjustable with their budget. By these companies and retailers get benefit as more transaction occurs. 

Differences with Credit Cards

This BNPL system is clearer and more transparent than credit cards. There are no hidden charges. Consumers get the idea about the payment amount. It is also accessible for everyone whereas bank checks cibil score, credit score and many other things before giving credit cards. If you iss your credit card bills, bank may charge upto 50 percent whereas in BNPL it will be highest 24 percent which is also a good thing.

Positive sides

No doubt this BNPL Helps both the customer and vendors. Suppose you need some essentials now but you don’t have money now but you know you can pay it later, so easily you can choose this option to buy the products. At the same time vendor also get benefitted as the purchasing power of the customer increases.

BNPL also provide flexibility in the payment system. You can easily opt for the option whenever you want without any problems. In fact, now this companies offering are some benefits for opting the BNPL system. Some of them even giving reward points for paying the money in time.

Negative sides

Now lets discuss about the negative sides of this BNPL. This is almost the same like credit cards. When a financially illiterate or debt loving people get the options like credit card or BNPL they usually spend a lot. But when it was time to payback they failed to cop up. Thus their debt file increases.  They lost their valuable cibil and credit scores which may hinder to get any loan further.

Final words

At last we want to conclude that this Buy now Pay Later option is good if carefully used. People who don’t have the credit cards they can increase their cibil score by paying due money in BNPL. It will be helpful for them to get more loans in future. At the same time we suggest the attractive features of this BNPL should not overspend in anything we can`t afford otherwise we may get in Debt trap.

Why Facebook changing its name into Meta

Today we are going to discuss about the reasons why Social Media Giant Facebook is changing their parent company name. Any company want to reflect their work in their name. How facebook is trying to do so, we will know in this article.

Facebook Meta

Facebook Meta

Let me clear one thing first. No name change will happen in Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp App. Only the name of the parent company will change. Take the example of google. Alphabet is the parent company of google and other google services. 

Now onward facebook parent company will known as Meta which is actually taken from metaverse. We will discuss about the reasons of the name change and what is the concept of metaverse in this article.

So facebook is going to rebrand its parent company. This parent company will handle Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Facebook is mainly saying that they want to reach beyond the social media network and enter in the areas like virtual reality.

But at the same time we know that there are some problems going on facebook management as a ex worker of facebook releases thousands of data from facebook which where it was shown that facebook does not work to control hate or fake news, rather their algorithm promotes most controversial and negetive posts to their consumers. Many other work also leaked which can give to threat to even democracy of a country.

So we can understand that facebook not only rebranding to release this pressure and come up as a new way in the field like augmented reality. Facebook already planned to invest about 50 million dollar as a part of its efforts to create responsible metaverse. It will also create 10k new jobs in Europe to fulfil their this dream.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg stated that in upcoming future metaverse may come into reality. His company does not want to behind the race. He want to be one of the pioneer of this technology. Facebook already owns VR gaming platform which they want to spread further.

Now let discuss about the concept metaverse. The term metaverse first used in a book named Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson which was a best selling book in silicon valley of us. This book is written in a concept where govt will give most power to private companies. Most of the work and deals of govt and public happen in virtual reality and digital currency. This type of system is known as dystopian world.

An VC investor Matthew Ball has written this concept in his nine part blog series where he discuss about every aspect of metaverse. In simple world Metaverse is a parallel, virtual world where users can have different identities, possessions and characters. It will be post internet world, a decentralised computing platform which will be continuous and live.

This digital economy will presence in digital and physical realm. This type of interoperability is need for the success of Metaverse. It is beyond the virtual game or virtual concert. Other companies like fortnite also working on this project and trying to explore various side of this metaverse.


But for the success govt have to change the laws and be a helpful hand of this technology. Facebook also want to use their consumer time as more meaningful.


This type of metaverse need a lot of time to build. It can take 15-20 years to fully develop and companies like facebook already started their work.

When will 6G come in India?

If you are curious about technology you will know that there is time to come 6G in market. But if we talk about India`s perspective about 6G , we can say that we already are quite behind the race from developed countries in the world as we lost many time figuring out 4 G and 5G. So our Govt. does not want same for the 6G also. So India want to prepare for the 6G from now. Already our telecom secretary told govt research body to start to work on in these technologies.

Telecom sector of India are presently working on the trails of the 5G. It is already quite delayed compared to other countries due to some official reasons. 5G may launch commercially next year. But for the 6G preparation is already started.

Our Telecom secretary K Rajaraman went to centre for development for telematics and asked the state run telecom research and organisation to start developing 6G and other futuristic technologies. It is happening because govt does not want to behind in the race of future technologies.

As per we know already companies like Samsung, LG, Huawei and other companies have started working on this 6G technology. It is expected that this 6G will be 50 times faster than the 5 G and will commercially launched in between 2028-2030. 

Global Giant China already launched a satellite on the 6G technology. It used high frequency terahertz waves to achieve data transmission speeds many times faster than 5G. But all details is not yet revealed by China till now.

In theory, 5G can give highest 20 Gb per second speed. In India, Vodafone reported highest speed in the trail phase. That was approx. 3.7 Gb per second. The other two telecom giants also performed this trail up to 3 Gb second.

6G being the sixth generation wireless technology it follows up 4g,5g, building on the revamped infrastructure and advanced capacity. It is established on milimeter-wave 5G networks. As it is work on higher frequency radio bands it will naturally give much faster speeds and lower latency. This 6G technology will also support sophisticated mobile devices and systems like automatic cars.

In theory , 6G can give upto 1000 Gb per second internet speed of downloading. LG already started their trails in Germany. One special feature of 6 G is that it can transmit data upto 100 meters. It can help to solve many societal problems in India as per media reported. 

It will help to achieve our goal of to sustainability in 2050 of India. For this India is tieing up with the Russian development called Promobot v.4 to teach about service robotics. This two country will work together to create new technologies.

 Recently govt inaugurated Quantum Key Distribution Solution so that govt can transfer 5G or 6G data very efficiently. So in conclusion we can say that maybe there is time to come newer technologies like 6g but this time India may not be in backward position as India is already giving its highest focus in such technologies.

Everything About Nykaa IPO – Biggest female focused beauty products seller

Today I am going to discuss about an IPO which was discussed by numerous people. This is about Nykaa a female focused beauty products seller. This is not just a start up but also a profitable one which is a very rare combination in the startup industry. After reading this article you can decide whether you want to invest in this particular company or not.


So let us know the full story of Nykaa which is quite interesting. You may know that big unicorns like Phone pe, Paytm, Oyo are facing huge loss in every quarter of every year but at the same time this company is making profit every year. Last year it make around 60 crore rupees as profit.

The reason behind this profit is the monopoly of the company. They mainly cover beauty and personal care for women which is around 30 percent of whole market. Nykaa has 13 sub brands which is also profitable for the company. 

They have different inventory policy than most other e-commerce platform like amazon, flipkart or Myntra. Other E commerce platform does not buy third party seller products rather than they listed in their platform. When a buyer gave an order, that platform take the product from the third party seller and dispatched that. So they mainly don’t rely on their inventory.

In case of Nykaa they purchase the products from the third seller and listed in their platform. So when an order is placed then it directly deliver from their inventory. For these there is minimal chance of giving fake products. That’s why they can have an loyal customer base.

At present there is very few competition of Nykaa. They even started to open physical stores around the country. When pandemic hit this company started to get more profit than before as people start to buy products from online rather than market. The average order value also increases from 1433 rs to 1963 rs in just two year which is greater than average beauty order in the market.

Thus their sales and profit is growing around 40 percent compound rate. As beauty products have high margin it is very profitable and hot business. So various big companies are trying to enter in this market. So they invested in MyGlamm which is also in similar business. Grofers also invested in Orange something which manage everything from production to selling of beauty products. So it is expected that this company can get tough competition in future.

Nykaa has also their fashion business. In the time of covid they manufactured masks to personal care products, so we can say that this is an opportunistic company. India`s large young age population have higher purchase value which will directly impact in sale of the company. But at present as the female population is just 20 percent of total workforce which may be an alarming for Nykaa. 

There are some social media posts where it is circulating that Nykaa`s management bully their workers, they regularly use racist words. For this toxic culture many people resigned from this company. Though it is not affecting the fundamentals now but can affect in future time. Though Nykaa completely deny that fact.

In the conclusion we can say that Nykaa is mainly a family business where majority stakeholders are from their company. Falguni Nayar, who is Ex Managing Director of Kotak bank founded this company with her 14 crore rupees. Later she raised 2500 crores from Venture Capitalist. 

People have interest in this company seeing the strong fundamentals. It is also expected that it will get a good listing gain in the IPO. But they depend on some other factors too like market buzz, grey market premium etc. What is your opinion about the company do let us know.

Biggest Ever IPO Of India – Paytm IPO Launch Date and everthing

Today we are going to discuss about the upcoming biggest IPO of India which is none other than Paytm Company. Some days ago many media houses reported that SEBI which is the regulatory board of Stock market has been allowed paytm to enter in the stock market listed company.

Paytm IPO

Paytm IPO

Paytm is one of the biggest Fintech start up from India. It has millions of customers using their app daily. After the demonetization this company grew exponentially. But it has lost some of their glory when UPI was created by NPCI. Then PhonePe and Google Pay take the biggest chunk of money transactions. 

But still now in P2M transactions, there are no competition of Paytm. At the same time, founders tried to build this as a super app where everything can be done from shopping, booking, gaming and investing at the same platform. Though they are still a loss making company but there is also a high probability that they will disrupt the fintech and banking systems in India. 

It can be noted that around a months ago Paytm has submitted DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) to SEBI. After that some controversies also arised that paytm reportedly sold out their share with some unknown people but at last SEBI gives their permission to Paytm parent company to collect around 16,000 crore rupees in their IPO.

We know that Paytm is actually owned by its parent company named One97 Communications. Through this IPO they planned to raise 2.2 billion dollar which will eventually become biggest IPO in India. But it does not mean that the valuation of Paytm will be that 2.2 billion dollar, it will be much bigger than this as they are not liquidating their entire share.

In between this 16 k crore rupees they will arrange fresh stock of 8,500 crore and other stocks will be shared by present stockholders of this company. It means they will utilize 8500 crore rupees to expand their business and rest will be decided by the owner of the stocks.

The entire IPO share will not be available for retail investors rather there will be booking of 75 % for the Qualified Institutional Investors and 15 % will be reserved for Non Institutional Investors  and rest of 10 % will be for retail investors like you and me.

It is expected by the market that after the IPO, the valuation of Paytm will be around 1,65,000 crore rupees which was around 1,20,000 crore rupees two years ago. It was worthy noticing that Chinese Fintech Giant Ant Group which have the highest stock percent in the company are diluting their stakes. At the same time other stakeholders like Softbank, Elevation Capital and offcourse Paytm Founder Vijay Shekar Sharma also diluting some of their stakes.

There is some story behind this why Ant group is diluting their stakes. When the India- China tension arises there have been many backlashed by the customers about the biggest stakeholder of the Chinese Alibaba group. After these tensions, Paytm reportedly replaced all the Chinese officials from the board and included people from USA and India. 

Paytm is planning for new business initiatives, acquisitions and strategic partnerships with other companies with the money it is getting from the market. Rest of money will be used for corporate purposes.

In the conclusion we can say that paytm is now a loss making company and will be for upcoming some years. So if you want to invest in this particular company you have to judge every risky upside down as anything can happen with these type of start ups as the fintech world change very rapidly.

Newest features in the World Cheapest Smartphone – Jio Phone 2

We know that a brand new smartphone will be launched by Reliance Jio along with google to reach pan India to connect people in the internet world. Previously it was supposed to launch in September. But there was a shortage of Chips around the world which affect the production of this particular smartphone. So they postponed it and now it seemed that we might get a new date very soon. Whatever many features of this particular smartphone is already leaked in the market. Now there are more update about this smartphone is coming up which we will cover up in this article.

Jio Phone

Jio Phone

In a recent video by Reliance Jio named as “Making of Jiophone next” which was released before Diwali It was told that this smartphone will be the cheapest smartphone of the world. It is already discussed by people of around the world that no one imagine in such price a smartphone can be made but Jio made this possible. At the same time they make sure that this smartphone will loaded load of features.

There will be no shortage of feature of smartphone in these. Its Qualcomm processor alonh with a new OS Pragoti OS will make the smartphone very smooth. The new Pragati OS maybe perform same as Android Go . There is a very heavy chance that there will be million unit sold in the first month of launch of this phone. Thus they tried to make this phone very quickly and stock up to demand thus there is late in launching of this phone.

Now let discuss what we know so far about this cheapest smartphone of the world. Some basic features is already known to many people. We may add some more features of this smartphone which maybe unknown to you. So the features are as follows- 

Features of JIOPHONE NEXT:

1) Read Aloud the text:

In this smartphone one can listen whatever was written on the screen.There will be a option available everywhere to read what written in screen. This feature is given keeping in mind some olderly and uneducated people may have problem to read text and this feature will benefit them as they don’t have to read the screen just to listen.

2.) Google Voice Assistant

A same voice assistant will be there by which users can do many things just on their voice command. As per we know google voice assistant will do the function here to do this. Plus one more feature is that people can operate in their native language which will be very beneficial for the people of rural India.

3) Easy to Use Camera

It is no doubt camera is one of the best feature of any smartphone. Maybe this phone is very cheap but it have many features in the camera section. The camera will be very easy to use. They have already paired with snapchat so that many filters can be added. And it is very well known to that snapchats various colorful filters will be liked by many people around the country.

4) Translate of content in Native Languages

It is an important feature of this smartphone. By this translate option anyone can read any content in their own native language. Many local languages will be support in this smartphone.

5) Automatic Update of Software

Many people may not understand of importante of softwere update. So in this entry level smartphone there will be automatic software update so that latest features can included in the smartphone.

6) Preloaded Apps

Popular apps like facebook whatsapp and google apps will be preloaded in this smartphone so that users don’t have to bother how to download this apps. Other apps will be there in playstore which can be downloaded later by the users of the smartphone.

7) Long Battery life

This phone is built through Pragoti OS which is built in such way that battery consumption will be minimum and it can last whole days. Because a big powerful battery is a primary need of any users. Users of this phone is not an exception.

So this is the current updates of this upcoming particular cheapest smartphone in the world. What is your thinking about this smartphone do let us know in the comment section.

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