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Kolkata Fatafat Lucky Number

Digital mapping of polling booths by the Garuda App by Election Commission

Recently our election commission of India launched an app named Garuda app for the digital mapping of polling booths. In this article we will try to elaborate why election commission of India launch this app.


This app is mainly made for the booth level officers which will be available in mobile version. We know that BLO are those officers who visited our house before the election and update the electoral role.

This app is made to map digitally all polling stations to ensure faster, smarter, transparent and timely completion of election work. By this Garuda app, these booth level officers will upload photos and location of their working area. Not only these data, they will also get the information like latitude and longitude of the booth centre from their registered numbers. 

Present time problems of BLO

Think about a remote village booth. ECI will not get any type of information earlier that how the works are going on, are people coming to cast their vote, any type of violation is taking place there. But now as this app came, election commission will get real time update of each and every booth of the voting areas.

BLO`s are selected as they are the representative of election commission of India. They mainly check if the person came for give vote are in the list of the commission.

Differences with Garuda portal

But we should not confuse Garuda app with the garuda portal which was launched last year. The Garuda portal works under Minister of civil aviation. It was formed to assist state entities to obtain exemptions from central government to operate drones for covid 19 purposes. 

It was said by the election commission of india that they are integrating  more and more technologies so that the perform of the highest work in democracy casting vote become more easier for the voter and the commission itself. 


In some previous election we have seen that various problem occurs in various booths due to lack of the technologies nad connection with higher authorities. But app like garuda will make sure that this type of obstacle get removed in the voting process.

At last we can say that this app may not drastically change the voting process or make it 100 percent perfect. But this type of adoption of technologies will make voting process much smoother. Already ECI have done tremendous amount of work to educate more the voters of the country. By using technology it will get faster than ever.

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