Newest features in the World Cheapest Smartphone – Jio Phone 2

We know that a brand new smartphone will be launched by Reliance Jio along with google to reach pan India to connect people in the internet world. Previously it was supposed to launch in September. But there was a shortage of Chips around the world which affect the production of this particular smartphone. So they postponed it and now it seemed that we might get a new date very soon. Whatever many features of this particular smartphone is already leaked in the market. Now there are more update about this smartphone is coming up which we will cover up in this article.

Jio Phone
Jio Phone

In a recent video by Reliance Jio named as “Making of Jiophone next” which was released before Diwali It was told that this smartphone will be the cheapest smartphone of the world. It is already discussed by people of around the world that no one imagine in such price a smartphone can be made but Jio made this possible. At the same time they make sure that this smartphone will loaded load of features.

There will be no shortage of feature of smartphone in these. Its Qualcomm processor alonh with a new OS Pragoti OS will make the smartphone very smooth. The new Pragati OS maybe perform same as Android Go . There is a very heavy chance that there will be million unit sold in the first month of launch of this phone. Thus they tried to make this phone very quickly and stock up to demand thus there is late in launching of this phone.

Now let discuss what we know so far about this cheapest smartphone of the world. Some basic features is already known to many people. We may add some more features of this smartphone which maybe unknown to you. So the features are as follows- 

Features of JIOPHONE NEXT:

1) Read Aloud the text:

In this smartphone one can listen whatever was written on the screen.There will be a option available everywhere to read what written in screen. This feature is given keeping in mind some olderly and uneducated people may have problem to read text and this feature will benefit them as they don’t have to read the screen just to listen.

2.) Google Voice Assistant

A same voice assistant will be there by which users can do many things just on their voice command. As per we know google voice assistant will do the function here to do this. Plus one more feature is that people can operate in their native language which will be very beneficial for the people of rural India.

3) Easy to Use Camera

It is no doubt camera is one of the best feature of any smartphone. Maybe this phone is very cheap but it have many features in the camera section. The camera will be very easy to use. They have already paired with snapchat so that many filters can be added. And it is very well known to that snapchats various colorful filters will be liked by many people around the country.

4) Translate of content in Native Languages

It is an important feature of this smartphone. By this translate option anyone can read any content in their own native language. Many local languages will be support in this smartphone.

5) Automatic Update of Software

Many people may not understand of importante of softwere update. So in this entry level smartphone there will be automatic software update so that latest features can included in the smartphone.

6) Preloaded Apps

Popular apps like facebook whatsapp and google apps will be preloaded in this smartphone so that users don’t have to bother how to download this apps. Other apps will be there in playstore which can be downloaded later by the users of the smartphone.

7) Long Battery life

This phone is built through Pragoti OS which is built in such way that battery consumption will be minimum and it can last whole days. Because a big powerful battery is a primary need of any users. Users of this phone is not an exception.

So this is the current updates of this upcoming particular cheapest smartphone in the world. What is your thinking about this smartphone do let us know in the comment section.

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